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CUPPING NOTES: Rum & Raisin, Rock Sugar, Wolfberries, Liquorice
VARIETAL: Castillo
ORIGIN: Quindo, Colombia
FARM: Finca Buenos Aires
PRODUCER: Jairo Arcila
HARVEST: November 2021
PROCESSING: Extended Natural, Sugarcane Decaf Process
WEIGHT: 200g
RECOMMENDED FOR: Filter & Espresso


We're excited to showcase our first ever Decaf coffee! Much of the struggle previously have been about sourcing a Decaf coffee that still displays its inherent cultivar & origin characteristics as well as ensuring the continuity of that supply. We are so happy to find this excellent Castillo from Finca Buenos Aires, by famed Colombian producer Jairo Arcila.

This coffee was dried slowly for an extended period of time via a combination of parabolic & mechanical dryers. This allows formation of aromatic compounds that makes this coffee remarkable.
The decaffeination process is called "Sugar Cane Decaf" - this means the caffeine was dissolved in ethyl acetate, a solution of Ethanol (derived from the abundant supply of Sugar Cane in Colombia) & acetic acid.

This natural decaffeination process ensures much of the aromatic compounds remain intact. With the caffeine (a naturally bitter tasting compound) being removed, you can expect an incredibly sweet coffee! We hope you will enjoy this coffee as much as we do!

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