Never have to worry about running out of excellent coffee anymore! 

With our Subscription Plans, you can be assured of always having delicious coffees delivered to your convenience. We have curated a few Subscription packs for you depending on how you enjoy your coffees, take your pick!

Before you choose, please take a moment to read:
Shipping Details: 

  • Free shipping for all subscriptions.
  • We will ship out your orders on the 6th of every month.
  • In the event it falls on a WEEKEND/PH, we will ship the next WORKING DAY.
  • For local orders, please allow 2-3 shipping days for the coffees to arrive at your location. 
  • Please note that you are not able to do self pick-up for your subscription orders.

Subscription Deadlines:

  • Please sign up before the last day of each month to qualify for the following month’s subscription.
    E.g. Sign up on 30th May to receive June’s Subscription.
  • You can only cancel your subscription after a minimum of 3 Subscription cycles.
    E.g. Signed up on 30th May, can only cancel after you receive your August Subscription
  • If you wish to cancel/switch your subscription for a certain month, please do so before the last day of the month prior.
    E.g. If you do not wish to receive coffees for the month of September or wish to change to a different pack, please do so before 31st August.

If you have further queries, please feel free to drop an email to

Now onto the fun stuff


    Receive 3 x 60g of our Monthly Releases to explore the diversity of coffee. This is a great introduction to the wider spectrum of flavours Specialty Coffee has to offer.

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  • 2 PACK

    Receive 2 x 200g of our Monthly “Classic” & “Modern” showcase. These coffees are meant to be distinct & expressive, which will guarantee an enjoyable drinking experience each & every time!

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    This is a showcase of Competition-worthy coffees which were carefully cultivated & meticulously processed to produce the most expressive as well as distinct flavour experience! Receive 120g of these rare & incredible coffees at your doorstep, with Free shipping!

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    Curious to how different Roast Profiles can affect the quality of flavours & textures? The Learner’s Pack showcases a coffee roasted to 2 different profiles & we’ll share with you our thought process & decisions as to how we want to express the coffee!