We've got a wide range of coffee courses at our new Academy @ 15 Lichfield Road!

  • Espresso - Foundation

    Learn the basics of espresso puck preparation to ensure the most even & delicious extraction! Also learn how to identify & troubleshoot extraction defects so you will always enjoy the espresso that you're brewing.

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  • Espresso - Exploration

    Now that you're proficient in preparing espressos, how do you take it to the next level? We'll share with you the different variables in your control & what each of them contribute to! They don't teach you this anywhere else!

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  • Manual Brewing - Foundation

    Master the basic techniques that ensure an excellent extraction each time you prepare a manual brew. There's so much that goes into a pourover so we're here to help you understand what are the most important steps to make sure you can brew proficiently!

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  • Manual Brewing - Exploration

    The rabbit hole is incredibly deep, so where do you start? Thankfully, we've developed a robust framework as your guide to uncovering each & every coffee's potential! You should already be proficient at the Foundation level before you attempt this course.

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  • Monthly Cupping Series

    Join us as we introduce our new coffees each month with an in-depth assessment via cupping. Learn what we seek in our green coffee choices as well as our roasts!

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  • We also cater to mobile popups & corporate workshops! 

    If you are looking for a smashing coffee service at your event or planning a fun interactive team building exercise, please drop an email to hello@thecommunitycoffee.com.

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