We are a coffee & hospitality company focused on sourcing, roasting, brewing & serving high quality coffees. We believe that the acknowledgement & the appreciation of coffee as a quality culinary product is essential to its growth as an industry. By sharing the voluminous work that goes into producing quality coffee to the greater community, we hope to elevate its commoditized position to greater significance.

Locate Us

  • The Community Coffee Bar

    14 Scotts Road
    #02-94 Far East Plaza
    Singapore 228213

    Founded in 2017, The Community Coffee Bar was envisioned as a place for people to make meaningful connections over quality coffee. The space’s rustic interior & pared down aesthetics denotes a simplicity in our approach. The low brew bar encourages engagement as well as scrutiny; a perfect balance to our casual hospitality. Beyond its walls, we strive to forge a deeper connection between coffee drinkers & the farmers behind your cup of coffee.

  • The Community Roastery & Coffee Bar

    14 Upper Cross Street
    Singapore 05833

    Housed in a quaint shophouse along Upper Cross Street, on the fringes of the Business District is our Roastery & Coffee bar 2.0. Here, you will be greeted by the fervent exchange between baristas & guests at the bar. The action is up close & transparent; we want to invoke your curiosity as well as your senses. The coffees we source & roast are expressive as well as distinctive, experience the diverse flavours & textures of high-quality coffee. 

    Beyond the glass wall is our micro-roastery, where we humbly roast on our beloved Giesen W6A. We love the machine’s flexibility & consistency in allowing us to roast the beautiful coffees we’ve sourced in line with our Single Profile philosophy.  Our roastery is also a hub for fellow micro-roasters & cafe owners who are on this similar journey in Sourcing, Roasting, Brewing & Serving excellent, high quality coffees.