PHASE 2.0 - Onwards

2020 has been a strange year for everyone. We still remember everything we laid out and planned for 2020, during the last quarter of 2019. When the pandemic reached worldwide levels in March this year, we braced ourselves for the tough times ahead.

We count ourselves lucky to be based in this tiny island city of Singapore. Most businesses in F&B were fortunate to be supplemented with numerous support schemes that the Government rolled out & as we pull ourselves through the end of 2020, we can breathe a sigh of relief that we've made it this far.

We recently turned 3 years old on the 12th of December & it has been a relatively smooth journey! We've spent the last couple of years finding our feet, treading cautiously around the ever-evolving F&B scene. We set out to create an inclusive & casual space where coffee drinkers, enthusiasts as well as people who are seeking a short refuge can converge. To be able to hone into our focus of sourcing, roasting, brewing & serving high quality coffees is a privilege we aren't taking for granted!

We can safely say that we've found a philosophy that we truly believe in! Spending the last 2 years exploring different roasting profiles & expanding our experience with various coffee varietals of different origins as well as processing methods has resulted in us finding consistency in the kind of coffees we enjoying roasting, brewing & drinking. These coffees are typically what we call a "Single Profile" roast & tastes great as a filter coffee as well as an espresso based beverage! We've also started identifying the various coffee Producers & co-operatives who we have thoroughly enjoyed their coffees to continue a long-term relationship. Along with that, these producers/co-operatives are an exemplary model of sustainability & stalwarts in their communities - qualities we strongly feel for & look up to. We are definitely excited for our green coffee program in the coming years!

All in all, we feel that as an industry, Specialty Coffee in Singapore has done an incredible job coming through 2020. We hope 2021 holds many exciting things for businesses alike - & better coffee experiences for everyone.


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