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CUPPING NOTES: Monk fruit, Prunes, Blackcurrants, Golden Dragonfruit, Pu-Erh Tea
VARIETAL: Red Bourbon
ORIGIN: Western Province, Rwanda
FARM: Gituntu
PRODUCER: Justin Musabyimana
HARVEST: July 2022
WEIGHT: 200g
RECOMMENDED FOR: Filter & Espresso

Our “MODERN” coffee for April is from Mahembe Gituntu. Justin is a producer we’ve bought consistently from almost as early as our inception & we absolutely love his coffees! Historically we’ve showcased coffees from his washing station that collects coffee from various smallholder farmers, but this year through our importing partner Latanier Co, we are able to roast & serve coffees from Justin’s own farm Gituntu. 

GItuntu sits at 1800MASL & is a farm Justin has only recently began producing commercially. As the norm for Rwanda, they grow exclusively Red Bourbon. This cultivar is known to be intense in flavour. This characteristic is accentuated with the soil & microclimate Rwanda is blessed with. Earlier this year we shared the fully washed version, where the cherries were pulped & dry fermented before being washed & dried without mucilage. This new lot is a more “MODERN” expression of Justin’s coffee which consists of whole cherries being dried in its skin with mucilage. This adds a depth of sweetness and complexity to the Red Bourbons, with notes like monk fruit & prunes atop its juicy blackcurrant acidity. We really enjoy the creamy tea-like mouth remind us of Pu-erh tea! 

Our relationship with Latanier Co has allowed us to truly be witness to the diversity of Rwandan coffees. The singularity of the cultivars grown has not stopped the origin from producing a wide spectrum of flavours. There is so much to look forward to from Rwanda & we hope you will continue being on this journey with us in discovering more from this unique origin!

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