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CUPPING NOTES: Chrysanthemum Tea, Green Apple Chips, Apricot, Light Honey, Eucalyptus
ORIGIN: Antioquia, Colombia
FARM: La Claudina
PRODUCER: Juan Saldarriaga
HARVEST: October 2022
PROCESSING: Extended Fermentation Natural in Cold Dryer
WEIGHT: 200g
RECOMMENDED FOR: Filter & Espresso

Our “MODERN” coffee for March is by a producer we’ve consistently gone back to for the last 3 years! We truly believe that Juan Saldarriaga has something special going on for him on the steep hills of Antioquia & we’re humbled by the incredible work he’s done for the surrounding community in Cuidad Bolivar as well! 

Over the last few years, we've showcased both La Claudina & Juan’s other farm El Encanto. Both are relatively near to each other and are processed at his central processing facility. Over the years Juan has continually improved on his wet mill, from the fermentation tanks to his drying spaces. His fully washed coffees are typically dried under a shaded facility on raised beds while his naturals are processed in temperature-controlled dryers. 

This month’s lot is a full Tabi lot. This cultivar is a cross between Typica, Bourbon & Timor which means this coffee is likely to be leaf rust-resistant. Tabis are also known to have great potential for its quality & we’ve certainly had memorable Tabis before! This particular lot was designed to be fermented for a longer period of time to highlight the fruit qualities. Due to the humid conditions in Bolivar, Juan had to overcome it by designing a temperature controlled dryer. This allows the cherries to ferment for a slightly longer period due to the cool conditions which would have otherwise ruined the fermentation process. 

This Natural Tabi from La Claudina exudes the elegant silkiness that the cultivar is known for along with a juicy sweetness that reminds us of apricots. We roasted this coffee to have a lively yet balanced acidity to give depth & character to the taste experience. The finish of this coffee is extremely intriguing with distinct notes of eucalyptus and chrysanthemum tea. This is another remarkable coffee from Juan Saldarriaga & we are excited to showcase more from his 2 farms!

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