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CUPPING NOTES: Yellow Plum, Fresh Dates, Cane Sugar, Attap Seed, Snow Pear
VARIETAL: Pink Bourbon
ORIGIN: Cauca, Colombia
FARM: Juan Martin
PRODUCER: Banexport
HARVEST: August 2022
PROCESSING: Whole Cherry Fermentation for 48 hours, Pulped and fermented for 48 hours, Double Washed, dried for 10 days in Parabolic Dryers
WEIGHT: 200g
RECOMMENDED FOR: Filter & Espresso

We're excited to begin a new relationship with a new farm from the Cauca region of Colombia called Juan Martin! This is a project by Banexport, an exporter of Colombian coffees who have spent the good part of the last 2 decades sourcing for quality coffees from Cauca, Huila & Narino.

The farm is situated 2050MASL, which immediately suggests that the cherries in that altitude take a longer time to ripen. At Juan Martin, they've taken this opportunity to grow exotic cultivars like Gesha & Sudan Rume. Our showcase this month is a Pink Bourbon, a hybridization of the Red & Yellow varieties. 

Pink Bourbons (or Bourbon Rosado) are incredibly difficult to grow & is suggested to be isolated in order for this cultivar to remain unique. At the farm, the cherries are picked only when it turns a salmon pink at 18%-22% Brix. The coffees go through a grading channel to remove unripe cherries, before being Fermented for 48 hours. The cherries are then removed,  Pulped & sent for another round of fermentation for 48 hours before finally being rinsed & dried in Parabolic Dryers. 

We love the elegant expression of this coffee! It's always exciting to have the opportunity to roast Pink Bourbons & this coffee definitely lives up to the expectations. We love its distinct acidity, reminding us of sweet plums, which gives way to a rich sweetness like cane sugar & dates. This is a lively coffee that's perfect for any time of the day! We hope you will enjoy this coffee as much as we do!

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