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CUPPING NOTES: Blueberry Compote, Cherry Preserve, Dried Dates, Ceylon Tea, Fig Jam
ORIGIN: Matagalpa, Nicaragua
FARM: Finca La Virgen
PRODUCER: Gabriela & Henry Hueck
HARVEST: March 2022
PROCESSING: 150hrs Anaerobic Fermented, Dried Natural
WEIGHT: 200g
RECOMMENDED FOR: Filter & Espresso

We return to the highlands of Matagalpa for the 3rd year to enjoy this “EXPERIMENTAL” coffee from Gabriela & Henry Hueck. This full H3 lot comes from Finca La Virgen, one of 2 farms that the couple owns. Here at approximately 1400MASL, the climate is suited to grow high yielding varieties such as this H3 & Catuais. During harvest season, they employ more workers to carry out selective ripe picking which is the essential first step to high quality Post-Harvest Processing. 

Gabriela & Henry has experimented with various fermentation & drying techniques aside from the traditional washed process. This includes multiple stage fermentation as well as natural shade drying. This particular lot was fermented in an anaerobic environment consisting of plastic tanks with a one way valve. As the cherries are left to ferment in those tanks, they form carbon dioxide which eventually pushes out excess oxygen from inside. After some time there will be a lack of free oxygen particles, creating an anaerobic environment. This allows the fermentation duration to be extended with lesser risk of creating unwanted flavours like mould & phenol. After approximately 150hrs, the coffees are removed & spread thinly over raised beds for an even drying. 

We’re in awe of how syrupy & sweet this coffee is! The acidity reminds us of blueberry compote & cherry preserves, continuing into a candy sweetness of figs as well as dates. This is a truly luscious coffee to enjoy!

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