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CUPPING NOTES: Chocolate Covered Almonds, Nougat, Treacle, Black Plum, Raisins
ORIGIN: Marcala, Honduras
FARM: Colinas
PRODUCER: Marysabel Caballero & Moises Herrera
HARVEST: March 2022
PROCESSING: Dried on Raised Beds for 20 - 40 days
WEIGHT: 200g
RECOMMENDED FOR: Filter & Espresso

Onto our last offering from Honduras for January-March 2022 harvest & we’ve saved a unique one for you! This natural processed Catuai is another of Moises’s special work as he has been experimenting & working to perfect his craft over the last few years. 

Top quality Honduran coffees are typically chocolatey & nutty, with a mellow acidity. Through various improvements from sorting & especially to processing has uncovered a wider potential for flavours. This full Catuai lot comes from Colinas, another of the Caballero’s farms. The farms are typically close to the central wet mill at Chinacla, where Moises oversees the processing operations. This coffee was laid out on raised beds evenly, a slightly different process from the Bomba De Fruta lots that Moises prepares as well. The drying process can take up to 4 weeks, especially if the weather turns wet & this can cause the drying process to stagnate, risking mould growth. The coffees are consistently raked and turned to ensure an even drying which always results in cleaner tasting coffees. 

Marysabel & Moises coffees have been one of our longest standing purchases. It has been an incredible pleasure being exposed to the different effects of how the same cultivars can be so different when grown in different places or just with a subtle difference in processing techniques. This coffee showcases a distinct yet mellow acidity like raisins, with the sweetness of black plums & treacle! This is a great everyday coffee especially if you enjoy milk coffees or bolder flavours!

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