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CUPPING NOTES: Raspberry Candy, Blackcurrants, Rice Wine, White Sugar Syrup, Hawthorne Tea 

VARIETAL: Esperanza
ORIGIN: Turrialba, Costa Rica
FARM: Aquiares Estate
PRODUCER: Diego Robelo
HARVEST: March 2022
PROCESSING: Pre-drying on Patio for 2-3 days, Dried in Whole Cherries on Raised Beds for up to 2 weeks
WEIGHT: 200g
RECOMMENDED FOR: Filter & Espresso

We return for the 4th year to Aquiares Estate, a farm we greatly admire for their dedication to all things we feel strongly for too, i.e. environmental stewardship, sustainability & longevity of quality coffee. Aquiares Estate has gone from strength to strength over the last decade & we’re incredibly humbled we are able to play a tiny role in showcasing how amazing the coffees can be. 

The cultivar we’ve chosen to represent is Esperanza, a First Generation (F1) hybrid of Caturra & Ethiopian Landrace. This specific choice was decided due to the genetic distance of the above cultivars to ensure the best qualities are retained. Aquiares Estate has been growing this cultivar for a good portion of the decade & it has flourished in the environment in Turrialba. With Diego’s leadership & experimentative nature, we’ve had the luxury of experiencing the Esperanza in various ways! Our favourite is the natural process, where ripe cherries are taken, hand sorted & laid to “pre-dry” on the patios. This facility is fully sheltered from the heat & rain, which is essential for consistency. This initial phase takes anywhere from 2-5 days depending on the climate & allows for a greater volume to begin fermentation as well as drying without requiring a quicker turnover. 

Esperanza Natural by Aquiares Estate is such a complex coffee with distinct berry notes at the top of the experience, followed by a dense candy sweetness! The cultivar’s character is distinguishable beneath the ‘natural process”, lending the coffee its juicy mouthfeel. We’re blessed to be able to share this lovely coffee with you & we hope you will enjoy this coffee as much as we do!

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