Walida – Indonesia

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CUPPING NOTES:  Dark Chocolate, Sweet Miso, Goji Berries, Dark Honey, Vanilla Pods

VARIETAL: S795, Kartika
ORIGIN: East Java, Indonesia
WET MILL: Walida Co-operative
PRODUCER: 200 Smallholder Farmers
HARVEST: October 2021
PROCESSING: Anaerobic Fermented, Dried Natural
WEIGHT: 200g
RECOMMENDED FOR: Filter & Espresso

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Out of stock

Indonesia has always been an origin that we wished we could involve ourselves in a little more, so we’re really excited to be showcasing this coffee from the lesser known region of East Java. Smallholder farmers live on the slopes of the Argupuro volcano, which are blessed with fertile soil & high elevations. 

Pak Muhlisin is a smallholder farmer as well as the co-operative leader of Walida Co-operative, a 200-strong co-operative that has been reinvigorated to produce high-quality coffees through careful cultivation & innovative processing. Indonesia has been known long for wet-hulled coffees & Pak Muhlisin wants to be part of the revolution to change that mindset about Indonesian coffees. 

This lot is made up of S795 & Kartika varieties, which are commonly grown in East Java. The co-operative began experimenting with anaerobic fermentation in the last couple of years & the results have been impressive. We absolutely love the syrupy fruit qualities that we believe are the effect of the anaerobic fermentation, whilst the slow drying contributes to the creamy mouthfeel of this coffee. 

This coffee is truly complex, shining with juicy acidity when hot & transforming into a smooth cup with layers of dark fruits & chocolates. It also showcases a florality reminding us of dark honey & vanilla pods! Truly a delicious & enjoyable cup.