Villa Rosario – Colombia



CUPPING NOTES: Rock melon, Roselle, Chocolate Covered Raisins, Red Tea

VARIETAL: Castillo
ORIGIN: Colombia
REGION / WASHING STATION: Cundinamarca / Villa Rosario
PRODUCER / CO-OPERATIVE: Anibal Rodriguez & La Palma Y El Tucan
HARVEST: November 2020
PROCESSING: Mixed Fermentation, Pulped, Washed & Dried on Raised Beds
WEIGHT: 200g
RECOMMENDED FOR: Filter & Espresso

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Our 2nd showcase of La Palma Y El Tucan’s Neighbour & Crops program introduces us to Villa Rosario, owned by Anibal Rodriguez. He has been growing coffees for 8 years & mainly Castillo, due to their rust resistant properties. This lot underwent a “Mixed Fermentation”, where cherries were placed in airtight fermentation tanks with limited oxygen. This process usually lasts for 12 hours, before they are removed, sorted and pulped. They are then further fermented in open tanks for another 12-16 hours before being moved to raised beds for drying. Expect a crisp acidity & gentle mouthfeel with notes of chocolates & raisins.