Villa Betulia – Colombia

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CUPPING NOTES: White Chocolate, Mangosteen, Verbena, Dark Plums, Kyoho Grape, Teh-O Siew Dai
VARIETAL: Pink Typica
ORIGIN: Huila, Colombia
PRODUCER: Luis Anibal
HARVEST: October 2021
PROCESSING: Whole Cherry Carbonic Maceration, Pulped & Dried as Honey on Raised Beds
WEIGHT: 200g
RECOMMENDED FOR: Filter & Espresso

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Out of stock

Our “EXPERIMENTAL” showcase this month comes from the Huila region of Colombia! Luis Anibal is a producer we have been purchasing from the last couple of years. Colombia is incredibly diverse in terms of growing regions & microclimates – Huila is typically represented by clean & juicy flavours. 

Luis Anibal is a household name in the Huila region. He grows a wide range of varieties, in order to find out which cultivars grow best in Villa Betulia. This is the first year we are buying a new lot from him called Pink Typica. This is a natural mutation from the Typica variety & we are incredibly excited to learn of its potential.  

Experimental processing is commonplace in Colombia, especially in regions where it is easier to dry coffees to the appropriate moisture content compared to other regions like Antioquia where the relative humidity is high. Luis has fermented his coffees in vessels where he introduces CO2, which allows for a longer fermentation time. The coffees are then pulped & dried as “honey” process, which means the mucilage is still intact on the parchment. This increases the sweetness of the coffee, as well as the perceived mouthfeel. 

This coffee has an incredible juicy acidity, with a lively ripe fruit sweetness. The “honey” process is highlighted by the syrupy texture, which makes it a coffee that’s truly enjoyable for any time of the day!