The Pinnacle Series – Finca Las Marias

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CUPPING NOTES: Mandarin Oranges, Cherry Compote, Strawberry Candy, Rock Sugar, Black Tea, Violets

ORIGIN: Nueva Segovia, Nicaragua
FARM: Finca Las Marias
PRODUCER: Gabriela & Henry Hueck
HARVEST: March 2021
PROCESSING: 48 Hour Anaerobic Fermented, Dried as Natural
WEIGHT: 120g
RECOMMENDED FOR: Filter & Espresso

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Out of stock

We’re thrilled to welcome the return of Finca Las Marias, a beautiful farm from the region of Nueva Segovia, Nicaragua. We featured this beautiful coffee for our 3rd year anniversary & had been looking forward to it ever since. Finca Las Marias is owned by Gabriela & Henry Hueck, both well-known & respected leaders of the Nicaraguan coffee community. 

Having encountered a devastating hurricane in their previous harvest suffering immeasurable losses to their community, we’re even more determined to continue our tiny & humble support for the upcoming years. 

This Gesha has thrived in the unique microclimate at Finca Las Marias. The coffees are unusually sweet, with a deep floral note that lingers. This coffee was fermented in whole cherry form, allowing the seeds to absorb the esters & complex carbohydrates for the distinct sweetness. Fermenting the cherries in an anaerobic environment ensures a longer fermentation time without developing unwanted flavours. The coffees were then dried on patios for pre-drying before being moved to parabolic dryers. 

This coffee is an incredible modern expression of the classic elegant Gesha. Sweet florals dominate the experience with pops of acidity, reminding us of dark cherries & tangerines. The careful fermentation & drying elevates the mouthfeel as well as the sweetness, with prominent notes of florals & cantaloupe. We hope you will enjoy this coffee as much as we do!