Introducing our Monthly Tasting Pack! This is a great choice if you’re a “variety” drinker & you enjoy something different every day. Each pack contains 60g of coffee & you can even do a blind cupping on your own to practice differentiating between the 3 coffees!

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Pack 1

Varietal: Caturra
Origin: Colombia
Region / Farm: Antioquia / Villa Clabelina
Producer: Hernan Prieto Soto
Harvest: October 2020
Processing: Natural

This is the second year we’ve purchased coffees from the Prieto Brothers. They grow mainly catarrhs, and a small selection of Colombia Variedad. The brothers employ a similar drying technique, using guardiolas to control the temperature to dry the coffees slowly. This coffee is laden with notes of ripe apricots and jasmine tea. Expect a light to medium body, with a syrupy sweetness and tea-like finish.

Pack 2

Varietal: Caturra
Origin: Costa Rica
Region / Farm: Turrialba / Aquiares Estate
Producer: Robello Family
Harvest: February 2021
Processing: Fully Washed

Aquiares Estate is one of the oldest & largest farms in Costa Rica. The best lots from Aquiares Estate are labeled “Don Alfonso”, the founding patriarch. The catarrh variety is a staple and has sustained their farm for decades. This coffee is the epitome of comfort with notes of poached pears and praline. Expect a medium body with a crisp mouthfeel.

Pack 3

Varietal: Caturera
Origin: Colombia
Region / Farm: Narino / El Pastal
Producer / Co-operative: Jesus Salcedo
Harvest: October 2020
Processing: Anaerobic Washed

This coffee produced by Jesus Salcedo is one of the most unique coffees that we have tasted. The catarrh cherries are sealed and fermented in tanks for up to 80 hours in a low oxygen environment. These coffees are then repulsed and washed to removed ant traces of mucilage before being dried on raised beds. This coffee has a jammy strawberry like acidity that is immediately met with a distinct peach like sweetness. This mouthfeel is velvety before rounding off with a lingering sweet finish.

Brew Guide

15g of ground coffee at medium setting.
93 degrees Celsius water.

Pour ground coffee onto a pre-washed paper filter. Tap the sides of the dripper to evenly distribute the bed.

We recommend using a slow and steady stream of water when pouring!

Start the timer, pour up to 80g.
At 0:35, pour up to 150g, in a circular motion, not forgetting to wash down the high and dry grounds present at the sides of the paper filter.
At 1:05, pour up to 200g.
At 1:40, pour up to 230g.
At 2:05, pour up to 260g.

Wait for the water to drain down, remove the dripper and enjoy your coffee.