A fully washed lot comprising of the Caturra & Catuai varieties from El Lechero in the San Ignacio region, Peru. Ulises processes the coffees from his 2.5 hectares farm at his own benificio. The coffees are pulped and dry fermented for 24 hours, before being rinsed and dried in Parabolic dryers. This is by far one of the most elegant coffees we’ve tasted from Peru, with notes of lemon balm & tropical fruits as well as a soft mouthfeel.


The Pink Bourbon is a curious mutation that has gotten a lot of popularity over the last few years. Luis Anibal, owner of Finca Betulia has placed ripe Pink Bourbon cherries in grainpro bags for 48 hours. In the anaerobic environment at 20 degrees Celsius, this leads to a higher concentration of lactic acid. The coffees are then pulped, washed and dried on raised beds for a clean and vibrant taste profile. This coffee reminds us of blueberry Lassi & lavender buds with a round, thick mouthfeel.


This coffee is made up of 3 varieties, SL28, SL14 & SL34. Cherries are purchased from Smallholder farmers in the Kinungu District and processed at Kingha Estate. This lot was fermented for 72 in polypropylene bags, before being pulped and dry fermented overnight. The coffees are then rinsed and dried on raised beds. We’re tasting citrus and malic notes with a dense creamy mouthfeel.


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Introducing our Monthly Tasting Pack! This is a great choice if you’re a “variety” drinker & you enjoy something different every day. Each pack contains 60g of coffee & you can even do a blind cupping on your own to practice differentiating between the 3 coffees!

Brew Guide

15g of ground coffee at medium setting.
93 degrees Celsius water.

Pour ground coffee onto a pre-washed paper filter. Tap the sides of the dripper to evenly distribute the bed.

We recommend using a slow and steady stream of water when pouring!

Start the timer, pour up to 80g.
At 0:35, pour up to 150g, in a circular motion, not forgetting to wash down the high and dry grounds present at the sides of the paper filter.
At 1:05, pour up to 200g.
At 1:40, pour up to 230g.
At 2:05, pour up to 260g.

Wait for the water to drain down, remove the dripper and enjoy your coffee.