Tasting Pack – June 2022


This pack is the perfect selection for the “variety” drinkers!
60 grams of each variety ensures you have enough coffee for a couple of weeks, and allows you to try different flavour profiles from different cultivars & origins!


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VARIETAL: Castillo & Colombia
ORIGIN: Narino, Colombia
PRODUCER: Carlo Aurelio Caluche, Alvaro Frencisco Rodriguez, Albano Ernesto Quijano
HARVEST: May 2021
PROCESSING: Whole Cherry Fermentation, Pulped & Dried in Parabolic Dyers

This is a new concept that is being explored in the Narino region of Colombia, where our trusted supplier Nordic Approach has initiated with a small group of producers to bring greater value to the supply chain. Narino is known for incredibly high elevations & steep gradients making coffee production extremely challenging, but in our opinion is where some of the best coffees in Colombia are grown. 

Fruta Madura translates to “ripe fruit” & producers are asked to carry out extended fermentations before either pulping or drying as naturals. The high elevations are somewhat perfect for long fermentation times due to the cooler weather. This lot was produced by 3 different farmers & each lot was processed the same way. Whole cherries were fermented for around 48 hours, before they were pulped, rinsed & dried in parabolic dryers. 

We decided to showcase this coffee for its unique standpoint on what blends could possibly value-add to producers. Whilst blends were traditionally made up of much larger groups, to show the work of small group producers as a blend can help to ensure larger volumes can be produced at a higher quality. 

This coffee is incredibly sweet, with intense notes of apricots & toffee layered with apple cordial. The mouthfeel is smooth & rich, which makes this coffee a treat for any time of the day. We hope you will enjoy this coffee as much as we do!


ORIGIN: Jaen, Peru
FARM: La Granadilla
Sergio Chinguel Alberca
HARVEST: August 2021
PROCESSING: Pulped, Dry Fermented, Rinsed & Dried on Raised Beds

Peru has been an intriguing origin that’s been recently known to produce excellent high quality coffee. A lot of work has been done in the last 5 years to provide more transparency to the market as well as traceability to the producers. 

Sergio Chinguel Alberca belongs to the Cedros Co-operative in Cajamarca & he grows mostly Bourbons as well as Caturra at his farm La Granadilla. The co-operative is part of a reforestation program to combat the complex sustainability challenges they face. 

Sergio & his brothers were inspired by their mother, Maria Esmida Espinoza who has consistently delivered high quality coffees year after year. This year we’re excited to share 2 coffees from 2 different brothers, starting with Sergio. 

This coffee was pulped & wet fermented for 22 hours before being dried in parabolic driers. This is a crucial step to that bright, juicy & expressive coffees that Peru is known for! Our roasting philosophy brings about a crisp acidity, reminding us of naval oranges. The coffee is incredibly clean & sweet, with notes of candy, plums & grapes. Truly delicious!


VARIETAL: Red Catuai
ORIGIN: Minas Gerais, Brazil
FARM: Sitio Vargem Grande
Rosimeire Aparecida Guerra
HARVEST: July 2021
PROCESSING: Anaerobic Fermented, Dried Natural

This is the 3rd year we’ve showcased Sitio Vargem Grande owned by Rosimeire, after discovering it back in 2019. We were initially intrigued by the unorthodox drying techniques Rosimeire employed to dry certain lots & we were blown away by the exceptionally fruity yet clean expression of a Brazilian coffee. 

Rosimeire & her husband Carlos grow mostly Red & Yellow Catuais on their immaculately kept farm. She mostly separates the varieties but sometimes blends them to create more complexity & depth for a particular lot. Rosimeire has consistently experimented with different fermentation & drying techniques that truly makes her coffees unique. 

This coffee is a full Red Catuai lot which underwent a 24 hours anaerobic fermentation. This extended duration has created mature fruit notes, like dark cherries & dried apricots. The whole cherries were then dried on patios for a week before being transferred to a box-like structure that keeps the temperature stable for a longer period of time, ensuring a clean aftertaste. 

This coffee is the perfect balance of comfort & intrigue, with classic notes of macadamias, brown sugar as well as fruitiness like raisins & apricots. We’re so thrilled to be able to showcase Rosimeire’s harvest for the 3rd year running & consistently having our expectations exceeded.