Tasting Pack – July 2022

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This pack is the perfect selection for the “variety” drinkers!
60 grams of each variety ensures you have enough coffee for a couple of weeks, and allows you to try different flavour profiles from different cultivars & origins!


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VARIETAL: Red Bourbon
ORIGIN: Nyamasheke, Rwanda
PRODUCER: Justin Musabyimana & various smallholder farmers
HARVEST: June 2021
PROCESSING: Pulped, dry fermented, soaked & dried on raised beds 

This is the 3rd year we’ve showcased coffees from Mahembe Washing Station & it remains one of our most favourite expressions of a classic African coffee. Smallholder farmers in Rwanda grow mostly Red Bourbons trees which are decades old which is a true testament to plant & soil health. 

Justin has his own 8-hectare farm, as well as he buys cherries from the surrounding smallholders. His washing station is incredibly organized, from the cherry reception area to the grading channels & drying tables. 

Coffees are typically sorted via grading channels before they are pulped. They are then dry fermented for 10-12 hours, rinsed & soaked further in clean water for 16 hours. This extra step ensures maximum clarity & cleanliness from the coffees. They are then brought to pre-drying tables under shade, where the coffees are sorted by hand before being transferred to African drying beds to dry for up to 21 days. 

We have a soft spot for Rwandan coffees, with their juicy fruit notes layered with florals & tea. This coffee showcases a crisp acidity that adds complexity to the juicy stone-fruit like sweetness. Our favourite part is the finish & lingering aftertaste that reminds us of dark honey & roselle tea! We hope you will enjoy this coffee as much as we do!


ORIGIN: Bwindi, Uganda
ESTATE: Kingha Estate & other outgrower communities
PRODUCER: Kingsley Griffin & various smallholder farmers
HARVEST: May 2021
PROCESSING: Whole Cherry “Semi-Anaerobic” Fermentation, Dried on Raised Beds

Uganda is an origin that we rarely showcase due to lack of accessibility, but when Nordic Approach are able to source such unique coffees that are a result of an ongoing relationship with the Estate & growers, we are always excited at the prospective flavour experience. Kingsley owns Kingha Estate which owns their own farm, of which 12 hectares are planted with only SL28. On top of that, he buys cherries from nearby communities, where Farm leaders are appointed to ensure strict quality control in ripe picking. Kingha Collective was established for that reason, rewarding the smallholder farmers with incentives & premiums for the high quality that’s produced & picked. 

This lot was specifically created by Nordic Approach & Kingsley, allowing for more experimentation & expressive flavours from the coffees. Whole cherries are sealed in a sack for 24 hours allowing for an oxygen-starved environment. Due to the fermentation, carbon dioxide is created turning the vessel “semi-anaerobic”. The coffees are then dried on raised beds, allowing for a more defined fruity expression. 

This coffee is definitely at the top of our list for one of the most interesting coffees that we’ve come across, simply because we have no expectations of its flavour profile. We are super impressed with the different layers of flavours like maraschino cherries, treacle & liquorice. The acidity is incredibly smooth atop of a creamy mouthfeel, with a long cocoa finish. This is a coffee we personally feel is a great example of how experimental fermentation can provide additional value to producers!


VARIETAL: Hello Catuai
ORIGIN: Minas Gerais, Brazil
FARM: Sitio Vargem Grande
Rosimeire Aparecida Guerra
HARVEST: July 2021
PROCESSING: Whole Cherry Wet Fermentation in Boxes, Dried on Patios

The 2nd version of Rosimeire’s coffees from Sitio Vargem Grande this year is a unique interpretation of a Brazilian coffee. Rosimeire continually experiments with different fermentation as well as drying techniques & her results year on year always leave us floored wanting more! 


For the 3rd year, we’ve brought back our favourite producer from Brazil, one who we came across in 2019. Our expectations of Brazilian coffees were exceeded & we have been looking forward to her harvests since then. This coffee is a full Yellow Catuai lot, which was fermented as whole cherries underwater for 72 hours before being dried on patios as naturals. 


We have personally preferred her Yellow Catuai lots for their fruitier expressions, whilst the Red Catuai lots have usually featured more comforting flavours. Through her various experimentations, we have tasted so many different variations & this is one of our favourites! This coffee showcases processed fruit notes like cherry liqueur with a mellow acidity. The mouthfeel is syrupy, reminding us of blueberry syrup & dark chocolate with a sweet genmaicha aftertaste! We hope you will enjoy this coffee as much as we do!