Tasting Pack – August 2022


This pack is the perfect selection for the “variety” drinkers!
60 grams of each variety ensures you have enough coffee for a couple of weeks, and allows you to try different flavour profiles from different cultivars & origins!


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CUPPING NOTES: Red Apples, Brown Sugar Syrup, Pomelo, Ceylon Tea, Cinnamon
ORIGIN: Jaen, Peru
FARM: La Salina
PRODUCER: Adelmo Chinguel Alberca
HARVEST: August 2021
PROCESSING: Pulped, wet fermented, rinsed & dried in parabolic dryers

This is our 2nd showcase of Peruvian coffee this year & we’re excited to introduce La Salina Organic by Aldelmo Chinguel Alberca. This coffee falls under our “CLASSIC” category – We showcased his brother’s farm La Granadilla a couple of months back & thought it would be a great comparison to highlight the differences between coffees from the neighbouring farms. 

Adelmo & his family belong to the Cedros Cooperative, which recently have begun to focus on quality coffee as well as sustainability. Their farms are all situated at high altitudes, in unique microclimates that allow the coffee plants to thrive in that environment. They typically produce fully washed coffees, which involves a wet fermentation for up to 48 hours before rinsing & drying in parabolic dryers. The longer fermentation times allow for more distinct fruit characteristics to develop. 

The cooperative incentivizes their members by paying more for quality as well as providing infrastructure like solar panels, pulpers & fermentation tanks to overall improve cup quality. This infrastructure also comes with practical assistance which benefits the producers greatly. 

La Salina Organic is a great result of a quality-focused producer & cooperative working together to consistently improve the coffee’s quality! We love the crisp apple-like acidity that prefaces the fresh sweetness reminding us of pomelo & freshly brewed Ceylon tea. Our Single Profile roasting approach highlights the juicy & round mouthfeel of this coffee, which we believe are the hallmarks of a high-quality fully washed coffee!



CUPPING NOTES: Caramel Apples, Whisked Matcha, Nougat, Dried Cranberries, Light Custard
VARIETAL: Yellow Catuai
ORIGIN: Minais Gerais, Brazil
FARM: Sitio Vargem Grande #1
PRODUCER: Rosimeire Aparecida Guerra
HARVEST: July 2021
PROCESSING: 72 hours Anaerobic Fermentation, Dried on Patios & Drying Box

Capping off our showcase of Rosimeire’s harvest in 2021 is an anaerobic fermented Yellow Catuai, which falls under our “MODERN” category. For a couple of years now, Rosimeire has been experimenting with different fermentation & drying styles to achieve unique flavour profiles for her Catuais. We sincerely believe this to be the MODERN representation of Brazilian coffees across the board. 

We love the contrast this coffee provides to July’s showcase of #5. The anaerobic fermentation done for #1 brings about a smoother complexion of flavours, compared to the dense & syrupy #5. For the lots that they’ve prepared for Nordic Approach, Rosimeire employs workers to carry out selective hand-picking of the cherries, which makes a world of a difference for the fermentation stage. It’s incredibly important to ensure only ripe cherries entering the fermentation vessels, for optimum mucilage activity. The drying box also plays a huge role in the flavour development during the drying process, where warm air is driven up to maintain a stable temperature throughout the entire duration of the drying. 

Our favourite aspect of Sitio Vargem Grande #1 is the sticky & chunky body! The flavours of Nougat & Whisked Matcha comes right after a smooth caramelised apple acidity, with notes of dried cranberries punctuating the entire experience. We absolutely cannot wait for the 2022 harvest from Sitio Vargem Grande! We hope you will enjoy this coffee as much as we do!


CUPPING NOTES: Red Plums, Green Kiwi, Elderflower, Light Honey, Red Currants
ORIGIN: Antioquia, Colombia
PRODUCER: Juan Saldarriaga
HARVEST: October 2021
PROCESSING: Anaerobic Fermentation, Dried in Mechanical Dryers

Our “EXPERIMENTAL” showcase this month comes from the Antioquia region of Colombia! This region is known for high humidity, which makes drying coffees very challenging. Over the last few years, Juan Saldarriaga has developed new drying techniques to overcome this, such as ventilated parabolic dryers as well as mechanical “cold” dryers. 

This is the 3rd year we’ve purchased from Juan Saldarriaga. In the previous years, we have showcased coffees from his other farm, El Encanto. La Claudina sits at 1400-1600MASL in the Cuidad Bolivar region of Antioquia & Juan leads a group of producers who are also determined to change the perception of customers about the coffees from this region. Although young, Juan has showcased his determination in achieving quality, such as immediately making changes to his drying facility after being advised about drying under shaded conditions. 

This lot is made up of the Tabi variety, which is one of few varieties that Juan grows on both his farms. He has recently experimented with anaerobic fermentation, which allows for a fruitier expression of his coffees. This coffee exhibits bright & juicy notes, like Red Plums, Currants as well as Green Kiwi. The delicate sweetness reminds us of elderflower syrup & light honey which provides a balance to the bright & vibrant flavours!