Peru Estrella Divina


Poached Apples, Brown Sugar, Plum

PRODUCER / CO-OPERATIVE: 27 Smallholder producers
HARVEST: August 2020
VARIETAL: Caturra, Bourbon, Pache
PROCESSING: Fully Washed
WEIGHT: 200g
RECOMMENDED FOR: Filter & Espresso

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This is our 2nd coffee from Peru this year, which is a new origin we have been exploring. This coffee hails from the La Coipa region, similar to our previous offering.

Estrella Divina is a high quality blend by 27 different producers from the La Coipa region in Peru. The producer premiums are higher than average and all the coffees are organic certified. The producers all process & dry their coffees in their own beneficio, before transporting it to the dry mill where the coffees are assessed for quality. The higher scoring ones are either segregated or blended, in the case of Estrella Divina.

We’ve found Peruvian coffees to be super juicy & complex, with layers of mature fruits in the flavour experience. This coffee has a soft & sweet acidity, reminding us of poached apples. The body and mouthfeel is chunky and full, like chewing on dark plums & the entire experience is balanced with a brown sugar sweetness. Absolutely delicious!

Brew Guide

15g of ground coffee at medium setting.
93 degrees Celsius water.

Pour ground coffee onto a pre-washed paper filter. Tap the sides of the dripper to evenly distribute the bed.

We recommend using a slow and steady stream of water when pouring!

Start the timer, pour up to 80g.
At 0:35, pour up to 150g, in a circular motion, not forgetting to wash down the high and dry grounds present at the sides of the paper filter.
At 1:05, pour up to 200g.
At 1:40, pour up to 240g.
At 2:05, pour up to 270g.

Wait for the water to drain down, remove the dripper and enjoy your coffee.