Las Margaritas – Colombia

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CUPPING NOTES:  Grape Gummy, Rose Water, Golden Syrup, Canned Peaches, Milk Chocolate

VARIETAL: Red Bourbon
ORIGIN: Valle Del Cauca, Colombia
FARM: Las Margaritas
PRODUCER: Rigoberto Herrera
HARVEST: March 2021
PROCESSING: Pulped, Fermented in Barrels & Dried as Honey
WEIGHT: 200g
RECOMMENDED FOR: Filter & Espresso

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Out of stock

Finca Las Margaritas belongs to the famed Cafe Granja La Esperanza, a Colombian producer that has been at the forefront of specialty coffee production & innovation. Owned by Rigoberto Herrera, the farm sits at 1700MASL in the Valle del Cauca. 

Cafe Granja has been pushing the limits of processing techniques and drying innovations, curating exclusive lots that have consistently featured in the highest ranks of coffee competitions. Whilst we absolutely enjoy the occasional fireworks of exotic flavours driven by unique varietals, experimental processing & drying, we love showcasing the staple varieties that make up the majority of coffee production, such as the Red Bourbon. At Finca Las Margaritas, the Red Bourbon is a varietal that thrives in that particular microclimate, yielding healthy trees with ripe sweet cherries. 

These coffees were pulped & fermented in barrels for 35 hours, before being dried in a mix of patio & silo drying. The mixed drying is said to propagate & enhance aromatic precursors, leading to more defined & intense aromas

We were totally blown away by this coffee! The aromatics are indeed intense, with notes of golden syrup & canned fruits. The acidity & sweetness showcased layers of grapes, peaches as well as milk chocolate, encapsulated in a thick, syrupy body. This is truly a unique coffee that has become a hallmark of Rigoberto Herrera & his team at Cafe Granja La Esperanza.