Ethiopia Worka Wuri


Apricot Jam, Jasmine Tea, Dried Mango

ORIGIN: Ethiopia
REGION / FARM: Worka-Sakaro
PRODUCER / CO-OPERATIVE: Various Smallholders / Wuri Washing Station
HARVEST: January 2020
PROCESSING: Anaerobic Fermentation, Dried as Natural
VARIETY: Heirloom
WEIGHT: 200g
RECOMMENDED FOR: Filter & Espresso

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Every once in a while, you come across a coffee that exceeds your expectations. We are humbled to be able to share this gem of a coffee with you.

This coffee was produced by a group of smallholder farmers from the Worka-Sakaro area. The farmers work with a privately owned washing station called Wuri. We first came across this washing station 2 years ago when 2016 World Barista Champion Berg Wu showcased a few lots that were specially prepared for him by Wuri Washing Station. We were amazed by the uniformity of the beans, followed by the incredible flavours and textures from that coffee that we knew that this was a washing station we definitely wanted to continue supporting and showcasing.

Anaerobic fermentation has gotten a lot of popularity in the last few years, but we find ourselves yearning for a more distinct varietal and origin characteristic beneath the layer of processing in most cases. This particular lot underwent a thorough selection of ripe coffees before being placed in tanks with minimal oxygen and left to ferment for up to 45 hours. The coffees were then rinsed before dried in their whole cherry form on raised African beds.

This coffee offers intense aromatics of berries and florals, a hallmark of Ethiopian coffees. The processing lends a complex top note of jammy stonefruits before the layer of jasmine tea & dried mangoes complete the taste experience. Look out for a light body, yet with a round & dense mouthfeel. We hope you will enjoy this coffee as much as we do!

Brew Guide

15g of ground coffee at medium setting.
93 degrees Celsius water.

Pour ground coffee onto a pre-washed paper filter. Tap the sides of the dripper to evenly distribute the bed.

We recommend using a slow and steady stream of water when pouring!

Start the timer, pour up to 80g.
At 0:35, pour up to 150g, in a circular motion, not forgetting to wash down the high and dry grounds present at the sides of the paper filter.
At 1:10, pour up to 200g.
At 1:45, pour up to 250g, right down the middle of the bed.

Wait for the water to drain down, remove the dripper and enjoy your coffee.