El Pastal Anaerobic Washed – Colombia


Strawberry Jam, Peach Lassi, Velvety

ORIGIN: Colombia
REGION / FARM: Narino / Finca El Pastal
HARVEST: October 2020
PROCESSING: Anaerobic Fermented for 50 hours, fully washed
WEIGHT: 200g
RECOMMENDED FOR: Filter & Espresso

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We’re very excited to share this unique coffee from the highlands of Buesaco in Narino, Colombia. Finca El Pastal is owned by Jesus Salcedo & his wife Maria. He took over the farm from Maria’s father & started to focus on growing quality coffee, with help from Cofinet.

Coffees from Narino are one of our favourites from Colombia. These coffees usually showcase intense flavours yet with so much balance as well as a depth in the taste experience. This lot was personally picked & hand sorted by Jesus & Maria, before being placed in sealed tanks for 50 hours. The extended fermentation times coupled with a low oxygen environment slows down the rate of fermentation, allowing complex flavours to develop. Afterwards, the coffees are depulped & washed to remove any traces of mucilage before being dried in a thin layer on raised beds.

This is one of the few times we’ve come across an experimental processing technique that’s been dried as a washed coffee instead of naturals. Whilst the flavours from the fermentation are clear, with notes of strawberry jam & peach lassi, we also get a clarity & vibrancy we’d normally associate with washed coffees. The lively acidity & light body lifts the taste experience, before finishing off with a sweet lingering finish.

We’re curious to see the direction in which fermentation & drying processes will be taken in the next few years. This coffee from Finca El Pastal is a prime example of a high-quality varietal being given a unique fermentation profile that we know has added value to Jesus’ coffees.


Brew Guide

15g of ground coffee at medium setting.
93 degrees Celsius water.

Pour ground coffee onto a pre-washed paper filter. Tap the sides of the dripper to evenly distribute the bed.

We recommend using a slow and steady stream of water when pouring!

Start the timer, pour up to 80g.
At 0:35, pour up to 150g, in a circular motion, not forgetting to wash down the high and dry grounds present at the sides of the paper filter.
At 1:05, pour up to 230g.
At 1:40, pour up to 265g.

Wait for the water to drain down, remove the dripper and enjoy your coffee.