El Lechero – Peru

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CUPPING NOTES: Red Plum, Red Apple, Brown Sugar,  Hibiscus, Sweet Red Tea
ORIGIN: San Ignacio, Peru
FARM: El Lechero
PRODUCER: Idelo Ulises Nayra
HARVEST: August 2021
PROCESSING: Pulped, dry fermented 18-24hrs, rinsed & dried in parabolic dryers
WEIGHT: 200g
RECOMMENDED FOR: Filter & Espresso

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Out of stock

For our October “CLASSIC” category, we are so excited to welcome back a coffee that we’ve featured last year, El Lechero by Idelo Ulises Nayra! This farm is situated in the San Ignacio region of Peru, an origin we have been open to exploring & knowing more about. Our “Classic” category showcases coffees that were produced almost traditionally & that could mean vastly different things in different origins. 

Peru typically produces washed coffees – this means pulping cherries & dry fermenting for up to 24 hours in tiled tanks, before they are rinsed & dried. In Ulises’ case,  the parchment is dried in parabolic driers that are around his house as well as on his roof which he built!

Peruvian coffees have been a great alternative to Colombian coffees, for its round juicy flavours and clarity. Most producers in Peru have also started variety & lot separation when traditionally 2 to 4 varieties are mixed together. We believe this is crucial in understanding the potential of flavour profiles coming out of Peru. So far in the last 2 to 3 years, we’ve definitely enjoyed the varieties that we’ve selected! This year, El Lechero is tasting super, with a smooth candied acidity, supported by a ripened sweetness. We’re definitely excited & keeping an eye on more Peruvian coffees for 2023!