Diima Benti Nengka #4 – Ethiopia

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CUPPING NOTES: Orange Marmalade, Mixed Berry Jam, Red Tea, Jasmine, Vanilla
VARIETAL: Wolisho, Kurume, 74110 & 74112
ORIGIN: Guji, Hambela Wamena, Ethiopia
PRODUCER: Various Smallholder Farmers
HARVEST: January 2022
PROCESSING: Hand Sorted and Dried on drying tables
WEIGHT: 200g
RECOMMENDED FOR: Filter & Espresso

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Out of stock

This is our second year featuring coffees processed at the Benti Nengka washing station! We absolutely love the flavour profile of coffees produced in Hambela Wamena. 

For this lot, coffees were sent directly to raised beds for drying after sorting from harvesters bringing a truly clean and distinct representation of cooked and processed fruit flavours! Ethiopian coffees have been and still are sold as heirloom varietal. This lot comprises of the sorted and identified varieties of, “Wolisho”, “Kurume”, “74110” and “74112”. Identification of varieties in Ethiopia has come a long way and has allowed better traceability of flavours to varietal meaning, greater diversification and selection for flavours! This lot falls into the Diima category of Ethiopian coffees brought in by Nordic Approach. Diima means “red” in the Oromiffa language. It is no wonder we are loving the red fruit rich flavour profile of this coffee!

Applying our single roast profile philosophy brings intense depth to the fruit flavours delivering them at rich jammy qualities. That combined with the intense florals present brings a sweet, clean and familiar flavour in the finish, Vanilla! We hope you enjoy this coffee as much as we do over both espresso and filter!!