Caballero #4 – Honduras



CUPPING NOTES: Dark Plums, Red Grapes, Sweet Hojicha, Walnuts, Dark Cocoa

ORIGIN: Honduras
REGION: Marcala
PRODUCER: The Caballeros
HARVEST: March 2021
PROCESSING: Pulped, Dry Fermented for 8-12 hours, Rinsed & Dried on Patios / Parabolic Dryers
WEIGHT: 200g
RECOMMENDED FOR: Filter & Espresso

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Marysabel Caballero & her husband Moises Herrera are two prominent coffee producers from Honduras. The couple has many small to medium farms in Marcala, surrounding their wet mill in Chinacla. We have been buying coffees from the Caballeros from day one, as we believe they represent the archetype of coffee producers we admire producing coffees that are incredibly sweet, diverse yet absolutely approachable and accessible. 

The harvest from each farm is usually kept separate & brought to the wet mill to be processed, but when the day’s picking volumes are too small, they are then blended to make larger lots like this one. The lots are usually called “Caballero” without any additional names behind, but they can be & are usually as good as the separated lots.

This particular lot was processed the classic Central American way, where cherries were pulped & dry fermented in tanks for up to 12 hours. They then go through a rinse to remove excess mucilage before being transferred to the patio for a pre-drying for 2-3 days. Finally the coffees are moved to parabolic dryers to be dried to the required moisture levels. 

The Caballeros have also invested in their own dry mill, to keep the parchment in a stable environment before they are hulled & sometimes blended to make bigger lots for larger volumes for roasters who might require them. This allows them to oversee the entire production process from start to the end, making them one of the most consistent producers we’ve seen!