Aquiares Estate Esperanza – Costa Rica



CUPPING NOTES: Green Plums, Baked Granny Smith Apple, Light Honey, Red Tea, Marzipan
VARIETAL: Esperanza
ORIGIN: Turrialba, Costa Rica
PRODUCER: Don Alfonso
PROCESSING: Pulped leaving 80-90% of mucilage, pre drying on concrete patios for 2 days then dried on african raised beds for 12-16 days
WEIGHT: 200g
RECOMMENDED FOR: Filter & Espresso

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Our 4th Year showcasing coffees from Aquiares Estate & we’re excited to share this super sweet coffee that we’ve been itching to get our hands on! This honey-processed Esperanza falls under our “MODERN” category, where producers go beyond tradition to explore the boundaries of coffee’s taste experience.

Aquiares Estate is one of the largest farms in Costa Rica & a large part of the land is also dedicated to the sustainable ecosystem. Allowing the coffee trees to grow in that environment is beneficial to quality & that has been proven at Aquiares Estate. Their post harvest management also circles around this concept where lesser waste is produced & discarded. On top of that, Diego & his team focuses on cultivars that are robust yet possess the potential for high quality. The Esperanza variety is one of them, a Caturra & Ethiopian hybrid. This combination was chosen for its genetic distance, which ensures lesser chance for susceptibility to diseases. 

The Honey process has become a signature for Costa Rican coffee. Their climate permits an even drying, without having too high of a day temperature. At Aquiares Estate, coffees are dried in 2 stages. After the cherries are pulped leaving only the mucilage, they are laid on the covered ground for a pre-drying for a few days before being moved to raised beds. This slow drying allows for gentler flavours to develop as well as ensuring longevity for the green coffee’s freshness.