Anasora Wush Wush – Ethiopia


Tropical, Lively, Creamy

CUPPING NOTES: Passionfruit, Pink Guava, Blueberry, Gooseberry, Mango, Green Tea

VARIETAL:  Wush Wush
ORIGIN: Ethiopia
REGION / FARM: Anasora
PRODUCER : Grown by Smallholder Farmers, Processed by Israel Degfa & Team
HARVEST: January 2021
PROCESSING: Whole cherry Anaerobic Fermentation for 110 hours. Dried Natural on Raised Beds
WEIGHT: 120g

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This is a special release under our “PINNACLE” range, where we showcase competition worthy coffees. Ethiopia holds a special place in our coffee hearts, & we’re truly excited to showcase this unique WUSH WUSH variety from the Guji region of Ethiopia.

This Ethiopian varietal was first discovered near the town of Wushwush, close to the popular growing regions Jimma & Sidamo in Southwest Ethiopia. The plants are rare & are known to be low-yielding but with exceptional quality potential. Our limited experience with the Wush Wush brings about a rich yet elegant flavours & mouthfeel that are somewhat not entirely common in coffees from Ethiopia.

This particular lot came from the Yirba Muda farm & processed at Anasora Washing Station. Anasora is a privately-owned washing station by Israel Degfa & it has been known to produce very high quality natural processed coffees as well as the classic fully washed. They’re recently began experimenting with anaerobic fermentation, which elevates the rich flavours & mouthfeel. Whole cherries were sealed in bags for 110 hours, allowing the fermentation process to be extended. The coffees are then spread thinly on raised beds to dry for 10-14 days.

This Wush Wush is an absolute flavour bomb! The aromatics are intense & distinct, with notable tropical notes supported by an underlying florality. Despite that, the cup profile is soft yet syrupy, exhibiting lively tropical fruit notes like passionfruit, pink guava & ripe mangoes. The experience finishes off with a lovely white/green tea note that demonstrates its elegance again.

We hope you will enjoy this coffee as much as we do!