4th Year Anniversary T-Shirt – Black


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We asked our Creative Head, Sarah, to come up with a commemorative piece for our 4th year anniversary. This artwork is her take on the ever-moving segments that define the layers of this industry. 


“This graphic was inspired by a typical Soil profile, which is made up of different layers of organic material & rock particles that support Life. Each layer has a significant contribution to the overall soil quality. In my perspective, There are so many similarities between a healthy Soil profile & the Specialty Coffee industry that thrives. 


Each segment or layer also represents The Community’s “SOURCE / ROAST / BREW / SERVE” mission & the pink layer signifies our progress in the chain. Our goal has always been to serve an impact downwards rather than upstream. I hope that this artwork will always serve as a reminder to all of us that it takes a continuous & concentrated focus to consistently produce and achieve quality in the coffee chain. Every segment is dependent on one another & no effort is lesser in significance than the other. 


Thank you for your continued support & always choosing better coffee for The Community.” 

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